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In the fall/winter 18/19 collection blows a wind of change, like in its women: active, they never stop moving, they make their whirlwind everyday-life spread positivity and fit them perfectly.

Comfort Zone represents them. Inspired by the power suit which gives a touch of elegant chic to the collection, it makes you resolute through the grey mélange and the deep blue cut by the cream colour. Confort Zone makes your day elegant and casual.

Rustic Winter suits the winter break and its feeling of cold but shining landscapes.
Its brown clay and shades combined with the lighter beige and white on embossed prints embrace you in a warm and pervasive sensation.

Women Style Style makes your desire of everyday energy and femininity come true. The brightness of red and orange bits like lightenings on the basic ecru and camel shades in a very powerful effect.

The different wools and fancy yarn combined with warm-shades leather make the Fall/Winter 18/19 minimal but aggressive, dynamic and always on the move with a sensation of warmth and comfort.